LUCID DREAMIN’, electric driving beyond Tesla

LUCID DREAMIN’, electric driving beyond Tesla

It started in 2007 with a battery and an idea. In 2014 it became engineering an electric vehicle of unprecedented design, unbound by the conventions of internal combustion and electric lucidcar battery limitations. One that would takes full advantage of the advanced technologies driving dramatic shifts in the mobility experience: electrification, automated driving, connectivity and ridesharing.  With the guiding principles of user-focused design, advanced technology and premium craftsmanship, a group of engineers and designers with traditional and electrical automotive experience under their belts designed a vehicle that is is intelligent, and personalized.

Key Specification

Performance: 0 – 60mph in 2.5 seconds, for real! Personally tested.

Power: Up to 1,000 horsepower

Range: Up to 400 miles

Availability: Start of production in late 2018 with deliveries beginning soon after

Price: A fully optioned modes will retail for over $100,000. Future models will be available from about $65,000


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Taking a unique approach to the drivetrain, the Lucid motor and transmission have been designed as a integrated system. Entirely developed by Lucid, the resulting solution is smaller, more efficient and more power-dense than competitors, while potentially more reliable.




Autonomous driving and active safety systems both increase convenience and reduce everyday accident risk. Lucid vehicles will be delivered autonomous-ready with a comprehensive sensor suite able to scale to complete autonomy through ongoing software upgrades.




Nearly ten years of battery pack development have led to best-in-class energy density. Our battery is capable of 1,000 horsepower and enabling up to 400 miles of range. Additionally, a unique battery chemistry provides breakthrough tolerance to repeated fast-charging.




Packaging perfection allows for unprecedented comfort via rear executive seats with up to 55 degrees of recline. This luxury option offers a first-class aircraft seating experience.




Beam-forming microphones capture passengers’ voice instructions to enable safe, hassle-free interactions with vehicle systems, no matter where the person is seated.




According to the makers Lucid vehicle is always ready to carry out ythe  request, whether inside the car or across town. With the Lucid mobile app an a

lucid_air_8seamless integration of user’s favorite apps it ensure that his/her mobility experience matches what one may expect from modern mobile devices.



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